Why the Barbiecore Trend Will Never Go Out of Style | Architectural Digest

Why the Barbiecore Trend Will Never Go Out of Style | Architectural Digest

“It has a sense of youthfulness that I think a lot of people crave in

“It has a sense of youthfulness that I think a lot of people crave in a way,” Sasha says of Barbie’s appeal. “It’s very American. On the opposite end of a Ralph Lauren or a Tommy Hilfiger, there’s Barbie.”

Photo: Sasha Bikoff

An online aesthetics encyclopedia writes in their definition of “Barbiecore” that it’s an upper-class lifestyle including “multiple cars, a private jet, huge house, multiple pets including horses, and a yacht.” And yet there’s something about Barbiecore that sits outside of money. You can be a Barbie Girl with a Forever21 party dress and a T.J.Maxx candle. “Loving a color is so unpretentious,” Sophie adds.

When you see perfectly renovated homes and pink palaces on social media, it can have an alienating effect. Not to mention the cost of lacquered ’80s furniture, unless you’re on Facebook Marketplace in a remote part of Michigan, maybe. But the thing about the Barbie Dreamhouse lifestyle is that its entry points are many, and plastic’s cheap. Thrift shops and discount home goods stores are full of pieces waiting to be made more glamorous. “My pink collection started years ago, and it’s just been slowly building,” Sophie says. “I would find a pink plate at Goodwill, and three bowls here, and a picture frame there.”

There are a lot of things that suck about the world right now, but if you’re into this sort of thing, there’s never been a better time to start designing your dream space. “The whole process has really made me feel like I’ve found myself in a very strange way,” Sophie concludes. “Designing my own space has just been a whole spiritual awakening for me. It’s been a dream come true, a Barbie Dreamhouse dream come true.”

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party at the Dahl House!

Photo: Hannah Dahl

5 tips for creating your own Barbie Dreamhouse

1. Frame it, fake it, try to make it ?️

“If you can’t commit to painting a whole wall, starting with a door frame or even the door is so fun. If you can’t afford $100 worth of paint, you can pick up one of those little $5 sample cans, and that’ll get you at least through a door frame. That’s a super quick and easy Saturday morning project, and that can add so much personality in a room… You never know when you’ll find actual Barbie elements. I love thrifting a teapot or tea set because anything that’s like a tea party is so Barbie. Having a lot of textiles, throw pillows, and rugs, just making it as homey and personal as possible. I have this fake banana and a fake orange from Michael’s, and they remind me of the fake little food you would have in your Barbie-goes-the-grocery-store set. Having little kitschy moments like that, totally useless but funny little objects really make me feel like I’m in a dollhouse. Go get the fake fruit, then go to Goodwill and pick up a crystal vase for them.”

2. Focus on a tone-on-tone look ?

“Barbie mixed a lot of light pinks with hot pinks. Then I would add pops of different complementary colors that are very Barbie—aqua, canary yellow, and lavender. Focus on Barbie textures like high-gloss and lacquer. Anything fuzzy, furry, any kind of plastic or fiberglass furniture.”— Sasha Bikoff

3. Unlock your imagination ?

“Find something that really sparks imagination deep within you—even the weird things that you can’t let go of—and picture them in a tiny dollhouse. It helps to go back to your childhood and channel your inner whimsical imagination. Look at patterns that really resonate with you and art you’re inspired by. It all just kind of comes to life once you unlock those childhood memories.”— Hannah Dahl

4. Find a focal point ?

“If you look at the Dreamhouse now, we have a really great yellow swinging chair. Or maybe it’s that you want to focus on indoor-outdoor living. But also, don’t lose yourself in any trend or any style that you’re going after. Always bring something to the table that’s unique to you because then you’ll feel extra connected to your space and love it even more. And don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with a paint or wallpaper color. It’s easy to change—give it a shot and take a risk.”— Kim Culmone

5. Channel your inner Barbie ?

“You have to really laser in on what kind of Barbie you’re trying to go for. Are you a Classic Barbie? Are you a Superstar Barbie? Are you a Malibu Barbie? That’s where you start. There’s no wrong way to be a Barb, you just have to enjoy pink and smile—which is anti-feminist, to tell women to smile, but still. Smile with your eyes, like Tyra Banks says. Waking up every day and seeing a bunch of Black Barbies in my room, it’s just like, ‘Okay, this is very affirming and powerful.’”— Rashida Renée