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100 Beautiful Living Rooms to Nurture Your Home’s Tranquility Full story

Starting with a beautiful living room as you decorate your home, it’s important to take into account what each room will provide for you and your family. Kitchens are gathering spaces for creativity and nourishment. Bedrooms are calming spaces to find rest and rejuvenation. Bathrooms are preparation spaces for cleanliness and self-care. But what about…

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Stuck With a Small Bathroom? Don’t Make These Decorating Mistakes Full story

Decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge. Of course, there are lots of tips out there for making the most of the space that you have. While plenty of the advice is quite practical, some of it has homeowners playing it so safe that they end up with a totally functional bathroom — that’s…

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30 Ingenious and Practical Mason Jar Crafts and Transformations Full tutorial

The Mason jar is perhaps the simplest, most accessible, and most versatile item that one can use in DIY projects. It can be repurposed in tons upon tons of interesting Mason jar crafts, some more obvious than others. The idea, basically, is you can always find something cool and useful to do with Mason jars,…

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Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite: A Look At The Differences Full story

Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite. If you are thinking about installing new countertops then you need to know the differences between these three types of stone. Hopefully, you will soon be confident in the countertop that you choose. Quartz Vs Marble Vs Granite Before comparing the different types of stone, we are going to describe each…

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Special Kitchen Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Next Remodel Full story

With so many things to focus on, there’s no shortage of kitchen decor ideas. There’s a lot to plan and a lot to consider before finally being happy with the way a kitchen looks. We often find ourselves stuck, unable to decide between a marble countertop and one made of wood. Everything has to be…

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Unusual Furniture Designs To Make Your Guests Say “Wow” Full story

Interior decorating should be fun and one of the things that makes it so is adding unusual furniture pieces to your living space. Statement furniture is a great way to freshen up and add some personality to a room. Even smaller pieces can be a statement when they are unusual in terms of design, material…

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The Best Braided Wool Rugs To Add Texture To Your Living Room Full story

A beautiful braided wool rug has the potential to transform a room, bringing it to life and seriously upping its cozy factor. Created by pulling and twisting premium wool into a fine yarn, braided wool rugs boast a unique textured quality and a super soft feel underfoot. They also happen to be incredibly durable, thanks…

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Teak Oil Vs Tung Oil: Which Is Better For Wood? Full tutorial

Teak oil vs tung oil is a common comparison. They each have their own pros and cons, so they are both used for different reasons. Both teak oil and tung oil are good oils, but which is better? Today, we will compare the two and go over why each of them is used. If you…

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