Decorating for a guest: How to create theme bedrooms

Decorating for a guest: How to create theme bedrooms

There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with preparing a room to welcome your

Decorating for a guest: How to create theme bedrooms

There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with preparing a room to welcome your guest. You would do everything possible to make sure their stay under your care is satisfactory. When decorating a room for a guest, two things are of utmost importance: one is the comfort of the guest, the other is privacy. Every other detail will then be to spice up their stay and make them feel at home. When you are planning to decorate your guest room, think of what they are likely to get in a luxury hotel. Even if you would not be able to give them that kind of luxury, you should try to put everything in place. Ensure they have proper lighting, furniture, and other decor items. For your decor items, you could check out companies like Bellacor or others where you can find varieties. Apart from the decor items, ensure you also give your guest some space to move around the room.

Provide Comfortable Bed and Beddings

You don’t want your guest to feel pain and tired after passing the night in your care due to an uncomfortable bed or mattress. Ensure your mattress and the remaining part of the bed are in good condition while preparing to receive your guest. If otherwise, you can get new or quality used ones from trusted furniture shops. However, you should read the furniture shop reviews before patronizing any.

Don’t Forget a Mirror

Apart from the fact that a mirror makes a room appear bigger, it is also a luxury and decorative item that should be in a guest room. You don’t want your guest to feel uncomfortable about his or her appearance while in your care. With a mirror, your guest can feel confident about his/her look and this will help in making him lively and relaxed.

Ensure Lighting Is Always Available

When possible, ensure your guest room can access natural light sources. It will be a great disaster for your guest to experience any accident as a result of trying to get access to light sources, especially at night, therefore it is advisable you have your light control in your guest room near the bed. You can also try to provide a good reading lamp near the bed or reading table for easy access.

Provide a Space for Suitcase(s)

Ensure you have space where your guest can put his or her luggage, even if it means providing a small table where it can be placed. This is important when there’s an absence of a wardrobe in the guest room, and it shows the thoughtfulness of the host.

Creating a Theme Bedroom

When creating a themed bedroom for your guest house, you should try not to over-do it or under-do it, so the entire theme won’t be lost on your guest. You should also consider the chances of your visitor loving the theme in the long run. If the theme would not be appreciated years from now, then you shouldn’t try it. Try to make a big statement with your theme by using a particular standout element which will make your theme clear. For example, in a Harry Potter-themed bedroom, you should find such features as, a fake potion shelf, a framed Harry Potter quote, and more.