Best water purifiers under 15,000

Best water purifiers under 15,000

We all have heard the saying that ‘water is life’, but does that mean that

Best water purifiers under 15,000

We all have heard the saying that ‘water is life’, but does that mean that if we drink the water directly from the valve? I would say that we cannot drink water directly from taps with any water purification. In today’s world unless you live in the Himalayas. So the correct solution is to purify our drinking water to purchase the best water purifiers under 15,000.


The problem is to choose the right water purifier for us as there is a large collection of water purifiers available in the Indian market. There to scale down your stress and increase your knowledge about the best water purifiers, we have come up with a full guide that includes the best water purifiers under 15,000.


[1] Eureka Forbes aqua guard from Aquaflo DX     18-WATT UV water purifier


A satisfaction for every kitchen, Eureka Forbes Aqua sure aqua flow DX water purifier is a powerful, stylish, and best water purifier under 15,000. It is secure to say that the product is capable to provide pure drinking water to your family 24/7. The purifier comes with notable features like 2L minutes water flow capacity, dual cartridge, in-built voltage stabilizer, and more. Because of all this brilliant feature, this got in our list of best water purifiers. A practical design comparatively low energy consumption, high filtration rate, no alteration is the taste of water due to water filter procedure and the ability to maintain the essential minerals in the water is what you can count as for money’s benefit


  • Specifications

Ø Electrical system – electrical

Ø Purifying system – UV

Ø Installation – free install, wall-mounting, table top

Ø  Activity of UV lamp – 5000 burning hr

Ø Width – 25 cm

Ø Height – 18 cm

Ø Depth – 44 cm

Ø Weight – 3kg

Ø Power – 48 watts


  • Sins

Ø Lower consumption

Ø Retains requirement minerals

Ø Do not alarm the taste of water

  • Cons

Ø Not suitable for purifying good water

Ø Not suitable for purifying with high TDS water level



[2] Liv pure Glo 7L RO+UV Mineralizer water purifier


Liv pure Glo 7L RO+UV, a cost-friendly water purifier with mineralizer, six stages of advanced water purification method, and a 1-year warranty is totally suitable for a family of 5 to 11. The best design and attractive features are what make it one of the best-selling water purifiers under 15,000. With an important delivery capacity of 12L per hr and storage 7L, the appliance guarantees the health of the family by providing drinking water. So, this is the best water purifier under 15,000 in India. The complaints of low customer service are registered which cannot be neglected.


  • Specifications

Ø Electrical type – electrical

Ø Purification system – RO+ UV + Mineraliser

Ø Purification capacity- Up to 12 litres per hour

Ø Maximum duty cycle – Up to 75 litres per day

Ø Storage tank capacity – 7 litres (approximation)

Ø RO Membrane – Approximately 9-12 litres per hour

Ø UV Disinfection column – 24 litres per hour

Ø Height – 28cm

Ø Width – 32 cm

Ø Depth-52.5 cm

  • Sins

Ø 6-stage water purification

Ø Compact, sleek and elegant

Ø Water having TDS


  • Cons

Ø No filter change alarm

Ø High wastage of water



[3] HUL Pure it 5L classic RO+UV 6 stage water purifier


HUL classic is an electric type, white in color water purifier, wall-mounted, and 1-year warranty. We have selected this item as one of the best RO water purifiers under 15,000 owing to its capabilities of six-stage purification process, six cartridges, purifying water with TDS level up to 1800 PPM. By environment protection agent. The RO water purifier comes with a few limitations like 50% of water wastage like any other RO system, no alarm when the tank is full, small storage capacity, and a UV lamp.


  • Specifications

Ø storage capacity – 5L

Ø height – 422.6mm

Ø weight – 5.8 kg

Ø width – 380 mm

Ø depth – 165 mm

Ø Material – non-toxic, food secure

Ø Power – 55 watts

Ø Installation – free install, wall-mounted


  • Sins

Ø 90% remove TDS

Ø Six stage purification

Ø Turns hard water


  • Cons

Ø Noisy

Ø Small storage

Ø Wastes water