Best Tips to Maintain Your Wood Flooring Surface In Sydney

Two aspects determine the service life of wood flooring. First is the decision to choose a specific type of good to the other and most important is the way you want to care and maintain the wood. Therefore this article will explain the best method of preserving wood flooring in Sydney and different construction types available for commercial as well as domestic properties.


Floor Types:

They are types of wood flooring. Some may be suited in specific situations compared to others. The floor types include solid flooring and engineered wood flooring.


Solid Wood Flooring:

Under this, the floorboard is made of solid wood for instant Oak. This process expands the lifespan of the floorboards for many years without. Usually, the solid woods react with cold climates. Hence, the wood is likely to expand under hot conditions and contract under cold conditions. The changes lead to gaps in the floor and wear and tear. Because of this, solid wood flooring is not commonly used. Especially in areas that experience climate changes, for instance, kitchen, bathroom, or in the conservatory.


Engineered Wood Flooring:

 The flooring is done by refurbishing the upper layer using solid wood while the remaining areas are furnished with synthetic materials. Comparing it with solid wood, its boards can be fitted on commercial properties as well as home, but the service life is shorter than that of solid wood flooring. Therefore your decision on which wood flooring to use will depend on the location of the floor as well as the budget constraints. This is because engineered floors are more reliable because of less use of solid wood.


Wood Flooring Maintenance:

When it comes to wood flooring maintenance, property maintenance professionals should be your sure bet. However, most households would prefer cleaning on their own. Here are some of the methods you should adopt when cleaning wood flooring.


Clearing The Room:

 It is necessary once in a while to clean the surface when it does not have any obstructions. Moving items around such as heavy furniture requires you to lift them than dragging on the wood’s surface. Dragging is one of the common ways of damaging the coating of the floorboard


Hovering Or Sweeping The Floor:

When using a brush or a hover, always be careful not to damage the wood, while using a hover, it is recommended to use a soft extension and not plastic. When cleaning the floor using the hover with the wheels, it is recommended that you clean quickly because the wheels might attract dirt particles. The particles may damage the wood. if you are using a brush to clean, it is necessary to keep an eye on the soft hairs to ensure they do not absorb the dirt.


Mop The Floor:

 The biggest mistake one can make to damage the wood flooring in Sydney is cleaning with excess water. However, what you need is a damp mop, and you are good to clean

Finally, it is recommendable to fit doormats at the entrance as well as the exit door of the house. The mats attract dirt that would otherwise get into your floor.

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